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Obama Just Got a Personal Facebook Page – His First Post is OUTRAGEOUS! (LOOK)


President Barack Obama has acted like a tyrant, and has shredded the Constitution. He has negatively impacted every aspect of our lives, and his agenda is constantly promoted by the biased media.

But if you haven’t seen enough of Obama, now Facebook just set up Obama’s personal Facebook page. Now you can hear DIRECTLY from our “dear leader” every day!

While America faces threats from the growth of the Islamic State (ISIS), aggressive moves by Russia, and a dismal economy, guess what his first post was about?

About greenhouse gases! What a joke…


President Obama’s priorities are beyond misguided. The threat of terrorism is real, and America needs a real Commander-in-Chief to keep us safe.

But while our military is weakened and the world becomes more unstable, Obama focuses all of his intention on a pretend problem. That’s because the main objective of “climate change” legislation is socialism… To redistribute our wealth and punish corporations.

Seven years of Obama is too much. It is time to get him out of office… NOW!

What do you think of Obama’s first Facebook post? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.