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Obama FURIOUS After Private Details About His Daughters LEAK!!

obama daughters

President Barack Obama, a tyrant, will stop at nothing from hiding his spoiled daughters from the public.

But now that some of Sasha and Malia’s personal information has been leaked… Obama is said to be furious! It turns out that the daughters are just as bad as their mother at wasting millions of your tax dollars.

The Obama family lives like a royal family… spending millions on Hawaiian vacations and trips around the world.

While America’s economy suffers and people continue to be unemployed, they continue to love every perk of the job during Obama’s final year in the White House.

But now, we learn that the daughter’s education costs almost $100,000 at Sidwell Friends School. That means more than $700,000 has been spent during his 7 years in the White House!

According to their school’s website:

Lower School $37,750 (includes hot lunch and textbooks)
Middle and Upper Schools $37,750 (includes hot lunch)

Additional annual fees are:
Middle School Textbooks and Laptop Fee (Grades 5 through 8) $440
Upper School Textbooks $500 – $700
Bus Transportation (Optional) $900 one way
Daily trips between Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD campuses $1,325 round trip
Lower School Early Risers (Optional) $225 to $1000
Lower School Aftercare (Optional) 1 to 5 days per week $1500 to $5,775
Middle School Aftercare (Optional) $2,800

And since it’s a private school, they aren’t subject to the horrible lunch control mandates that Michelle Obama has forced upon millions of American students.

Could you afford to send children to this school? This is more expensive than most colleges! And your tax dollars are paying for it… on top of the security detail from the Secret Service.

The Obamas are living a lavish lifestyle, and have no idea what it’s like to actually earn money. They are pathetic, and are setting bad examples for their children.

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