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After Obama Defends Transgender Bathroom, Dr. Carson DID THIS! “What A Bunch Of…”

Transgender Bathroom

Dr. Ben Carson saw President Barack Obama’s Attorney General compare North Carolina’s “bathroom law” to Jim Crow laws and the segregated South.

AG Loretta Lynch announced the Justice Department would be fighting the North Carolina law and opined, “This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress to our nation. We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation.”

Dr. Carson is furious about the comparison, and blasted the Obama administration in a huge way! He explained:

“That’s what they always say,” Carson told Fox News. “Everything is like Jim Crow. Everything is like racism and segregation and slavery. What a bunch of crap. You know, they want to do that so that they can always gain the sympathy, but thinking people know better.”

The retired neurosurgeon accused the federal government of overstepping its boundaries, adding that North Carolina “appropriately” filed suit.

“You know, we need to go back to recognizing data and science. You know, we know what men are, and we know what women are, and we’ve known that for thousands of years,” Carson said. “You know, if there are some people who are confused about it, we can make some accommodations for them, but it doesn’t have to involve everybody.”

Via Politico

Dr. Carson is right. The Obama White House is willing to compare anything to racism and discrimination that blacks once experienced in America.

But this debate about transgenders and bathrooms isn’t about civil rights. Instead it’s about public safety and common sense. There is no reason why strange men should be allowed into the women’s restrooms.

Thank you Dr. Carson for speaking the truth!

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