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At Dallas Cop Memorial, Bush Embarrasses Obama With Just 22 Words (MUST SEE)


After almost 8 years of President Barack Obama in the White House, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that we used to have a Commander-in-Chief who made us proud.

Watch (below) as former President George W. Bush gives his classy remarks at the memorial for the five murdered police officers in Dallas, Texas.

As he announced, “Most of us imagine we’d risk lives to protect love ones: Those in uniform assume that risk for the safety of strangers.”

You will see Bush show his respect for the men and women who wear the police uniform and risk their lives everyday to keep our neighborhoods and families safe. These are classy comments from an American patriot, and Obama would never say this:

If Obama really cared about police officers, he would put an end to Black Lives Matters and stop fanning the flames of racial hatred. Instead, Obama is willing to show sympathy to cop-killing organizations for political reasons, in hopes that it helps him pass anti-gun legislation and turns out minority voters in 2016.

Let us pray and have a moment of silence for the police officers we have lost in the line of duty.

We miss having President George W. Bush in the White House. Don’t you?

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