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How Barack Obama Compares To Other Presidents – Must See!

In America, not every President is not equal. Some accomplish great things and save countless lives. While others… well:

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has seriously chosen to spend the last few months in office not fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), but instead taking on states and school districts over the issue of transgender bathroom rules.

An issue that no one really cared about two months ago is now front-and-center in the political arena, as well-known stores such as Target make it a rule that strange men may enter the ladies’ restroom with young girls.

It’s clear that not only is being transgender a mental disorder, so is liberalism. There’s no excuse for anyone to use the bathroom of the sex they weren’t born with. As Mississippi State Senator and former U.S. Senate candidate Chad Cochran recently explained on Facebook:

Barack Obama

It’s time for a real leader in the White House who cares more about public safety than “political correctness.” The White House shouldn’t go out of it’s way to allow perverts and male criminals and child molesters to enter into the women’s restroom under the name of “anti-discrimination” laws.

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