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Obama Delivers Shocking Claim About Who “Runs The World”

new balance

Who REALLY runs the world?

Is it us citizens? The UN? The Bankers? Aliens?

None of the above according to Obama. You won’t believe who he thinks “Runs the world.”

He made the announcement at the commencement speech of Howard University.

Via Breitbart:

“When I was graduating, the main black hero on TV was Mr. T. Rap and hip hop were counterculture, underground. Now, Shonda Rhimes owns Thursday night, and Beyoncé runs the world,” the president added to laughter from the graduates. “We’re no longer only entertainers, we’re producers, studio executives. No longer small business owners — we’re CEOs, we’re mayors, representatives, Presidents of the United States.”

Yes that Beyonce. Obviously he was “tongue-in-cheek” but should the President of the United States be supporting a woman who so vehemently hates our police?

I don’t think so.

Who runs the world? Share your thoughts!