NYT Reporter Claims Trump Is Telling Allies That He Expects To Be ‘Reinstated’ By August

On Tuesday, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman claimed that former President Donald Trump “has been telling a number of people he’s in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August.”

Haberman shared a video on social media from CNN that showed apparently QAnon-influenced Trump supporters expressing support for a coup similar to Myanmar to reinstall the former Republican president.

Haberman offered no sources, and elaborated only to argue that Trump’s belief that the 2020 election was stolen has something to do with it: 

Michael Flynn Denies Ever Advocating For A Coup

According to The Hill, Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn made a curious remark after a question during a conference hosted by supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The Hill reported, “Someone from the audience asked, ‘I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?’

The report continued, “After the crowd responded with cheers, Flynn responded, ‘No reason. I mean it, it should happen here.”

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Flynn denies ever advocating for such a coup.

Flynn reportedly said that there is “NO reason whatsoever for any coup in America, and I do not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort.”

Haberman followed up with a tweet that read, “It isn’t happening in a vacuum. It is happening as he faced the possibility of an indictment from the Manhattan DA.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump’s former senior legal adviser, tweeted on Sunday that Trump “is not going to be reinstated” and advocated for election integrity laws to secure future elections.

“Even if Biden/Harris were impeached and convicted, there is a constitutionally prescribed presidential succession,” Ellis tweeted.

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  • The left is doing exactly what the left does best. Accuse, lie and lie some more. Time after time they have reported false accusations as they were true. Later when it is proven false, the damage is done and it has tarnished the republican for which it was intended. The left just lets the story die without admitting any wrong doing. If they do, it is just an error in reporting. No one is ever fired. No one is ever held responsible. Welcome to the lies of the left.

  • I don't think that can happen, but I sure hope it does. If we can get rid of the fool and his VP, then Nancy would be next in line.

  • QANON needs to Shut Up. They were wrong every step of the way, they led people down the primrose path with false hope, and no one should listen to them any more.

  • Matt Gaetz, the Gift That Keeps On Giving - Prosecutorial Evidence
    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is being probed by federal prosecutors for possible obstruction of justice. The congressman, whose former “wingman” Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty to charges including sex-trafficking a 17-year-old girl last month, was patched into a phone call between a witness in the case and an ex-girlfriend. That phone call is now in prosecutors’ crosshairs although the contents of the call are not known. Gaetz says he has done nothing wrong, and his spokesman told reporters: “After two months, there is still not a single on-record accusation of misconduct, and now the ‘story’ is changing yet again.” . . . and I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Maggie Haberman has done nothing but make up lies concerning President Trump, since the day he was elected. No one should believe a word she writes.

  • Like a fly attracted to a rancid pile of dog droppings, the dumbed-down, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, indoctrinated, Trump-obsessed, GOP-obsessed, liberal cud-chewer appears. Anytime a Trump article is posted here, the liberal cud-chewer shows up. He's completely, totally, maniacally, fully obsessed with Trump 24/7. Hilarious.
    The challenge then is to make our obsessions function positively, controlling them so they don't control us, extracting the benefit of obsession without succumbing to its detriments. To do this, the following strategies may be helpful:
    1. Distract yourself at varying intervals
    2. Accomplish a task that helps put your obsession behind you
    3. Focus on your greater mission
    4. Adopt a practice that grounds you
    5. Listen to what others tell you

  • The propaganda media is given a new lie and they dutifully mouth it every chance they get, but it still does not make it true! Only they have mouthed this Lie, not Trump!

  • TRUMP MUST be reinstated ASAP, everyone knows the dems committed election fraud along with the SOS every one of them broke every single state election law, some Republican Governors members of the uniparty helped joKe, joKe didn't win the primaries on the dem side B.Sanders did, the ho didn't even get 2% of dem supporters vote, and they claim they got 80 million TRUMP even WON California.
    joKe is a squatter at the WH.

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