NYC Health Commissioner Walks Out On DeBlasio Over His Pandemic Response

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio is the perfect example of a Dem these days. He believes his own garbage which makes him stupid in my book.

Just when you think he can’t do anything dumber he sends the cops packing. Another week or so and he will burn hospitals down because they are racist. What a complete cretin. This clown is the god of Morons.

The latest news is how the New York City Health Commissioner is walking out on him because of his COVID-19 pandemic response.

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Good move NY Health Commissioner. Now, if you remain living in New York, vote for John Catsimatidis when this conservative, pro-police Republican runs for mayor of New York. Now, if you decide to move out of New York, because of its collapse and lawlessness, VOTE REPUBLICAN.

The rest of the Democrats currently in office and any future Democrats who run for office won’t be any better than Comrade de Blasio.

[NY Times] New York City’s health commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, resigned on Tuesday in protest over her “deep disappointment” with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent efforts to keep it in check.

Her departure came after escalating tensions between City Hall and top Health Department officials, which began at the start of the city’s outbreak in March, burst into public view.

“I leave my post today with deep disappointment that during the most critical public health crisis in our lifetime, that the Health Department’s incomparable disease control expertise was not used to the degree it could have been,” she said in her resignation email sent to Mr. de Blasio, a copy of which was shared with The New York Times.

“Our experts are world renowned for their epidemiology, surveillance and response work. The city would be well served by having them at the strategic center of the response not in the background.”

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I think it’s funny, yet sad, to watch the various politicians blaming other politicians for the Chinese virus. They all claim their accused, “didn’t do enough,” and compared to whom?

It’s another version of someone in elected office demanding “somebody do something.” Like they are doing something by blaming someone else of not doing something.


Bending the curve was never to stop the virus, it was to stop overrunning the hospitals, that never happened. There’s no cure for the virus, except surviving it, and the real numbers are, that survival odds are very promising.

About 0.03% of people in the US didn’t survive, and that number is with the virus, not necessary from the virus. The math is simple, getting the truth isn’t.

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No matter how bad it gets, I keep telling myself to just think of how much worse it would be if Joe Biden had been presiding over the pandemic. He has been wrong on almost literally every, single policy decision he’s ever espoused, and he has no track record, ZERO, of executive leadership.

Folks, if that man wins the presidency, we’ll be in a figurative boat with no sails, and our “General” will be poking holes in the floorboards. He will be an utter disaster.


I think we might have to take New York back. Reclaim New York as American territory. We can’t just leave it in the hands of this country’s worst enemy — DEMOCRATS. It’s not as dis-regardable of a backwater like Portland.

There’s too much stuff headquartered in New York. Too many things around here answer up the ladder to New York. You want the bottom line? The liberals are just going to have to leave New York and they can’t take it with them.




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