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‘Now We’re In Charge’: Democrats Lock Out Republicans On Bipartisan Bills

Mary Margaret Olohan on March 25, 2019

House Democrats cut Republican Representative Richard Hudson out of new work force legislation he had been working on with them, eliminating yet another opportunity for bipartisan collaboration.

But Democrats like Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) express no interest in anything but pushing ahead with Democratic legislation – and after 25 years of being mostly in the House minority, Doyle thinks it is high time.

“I don’t have thin skin about this, but when they were in charge, they had the rules,” Doyle told Politico.

“Now we’re in charge, and maybe some of them don’t understand that yet.”

Republican Richard Hudson expressed frustration with Democrat Bobby Rush for altering a bill the two had co-authored to introduce new work force training programs. Rush has effectively removed Hudson from planning this bill.

“He reintroduced it, and he’s added all this money to it, and didn’t consult me,” Hudson told Politico.

“We didn’t mean to exclude you from the process. We’d love to work with you.” Hudson was told when he questioned why he had been excluded. But Hudson is still waiting to hear when exactly Rush would like to work with him again.

Republicans like Hudson fume over the lack of collaboration in areas that would enable Republicans and Democrats to easily compromise. Other Republicans have also expressed frustration at the short periods of time they are given to look over bills, claiming that this indicates Democrats have no real interest in collaboration.

“Bipartisanship is asking for my input, not just for my vote,” said Texas Rep. Michael Burgess.

“Giving a member less than 24 hours to sign onto a piece of legislation they have never seen is discourteous, especially when we have said at each hearing thus far this Congress that we are willing to work in a bipartisan way.”

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  • This batch of Democrats is a bunch of whining, foot stomping, 'binkie' sucking toddlers! They are an absolute embarrassment to the real adults in our country. I can't wait for 2020 to flush a load of the wasted flesh out of office!


  • Suck it up buttercup. You're getting to see what "bipartisanship" means to Democrats. Republicans get jack. Remember and act on it if and when Republicans get back in power.

  • I will NEVER vote for another democrat again. They are the party of hate, of pettiness, of divisiveness. They are the new American communist party.

  • Nobody runs anything, and the damned democrats had better wake up to that fact real quick!!!

  • Looks like the Dems have had their chance in the house and we should take it back. They are unwilling to collaborate and are encouraging the likes of the Cortez nut.

  • We have a Congress of petty minded children--isn't that lovely??? This is NOT the type of body I want representing us. All of them need to be voted out if they're not willing to be adults.

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