LOL: Notre Dame Coach’s Joke About Chris Christie Is Spot On!

Chris Christie’s daughter attends Notre Dame and serves as a team manager for the men’s basketball team. As such, the governor was visiting the locker room of the Fighting Irish after they had just downed the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks in the NCAA March Madness tournament.

When asked about Christie’s presence, Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey joked “He only shows up for the big games.”

Brey then let loose with the ultimate joke at Christie’s expense.

Brey said that the governor would continue to attend games only “if Trump will let him.”

To which Christie responded ‘Oh please, Mr. Trump, may I attend the basketball game if it so pleases you, great one?’

Okay, well maybe that last part isn’t exactly true – but would you expect anything less from a guy who looks like this?


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on hand to support Notre Dame in the Irish’s thrilling 76-75 victory over Stephen F. Austin on Sunday at Barclays Center.

Christie’s daughter, Sarah, is a team manager and Christie is friends with Irish coach Mike Brey.

“He only shows up for the big games,” Brey cracked when I asked him about it. “He’ll be there in Philly — if Trump will let him.”

Christie has been seen frequently with Donald Trump since dropping his own Presidential bid, with some speculating he’s angling for the Attorney General gig.

Brey is referring to an internet story that spread after Christie’s first press conference with Trump, in which he became an instant laughingstock. It was such an embarrassing display for the New Jersey governor that he actually had to come out and tell people that he wasn’t being “held hostage” by Trump.

“No, I wasn’t being held hostage,” Christie explained.  “No, I wasn’t sitting up there thinking, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done?’”

Another incident saw Christie speak at a campaign rally for Trump, only to be told to ‘get on the plane and go home.’

Here is a short clip about Christie’s visit to the Notre Dame locker room …

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has been following Notre Dame basketball since longtime friend Mike Brey became coach 16 years ago. The former presidential contender was at Barclays Center to watch the Irish win a thriller against Stephen F. Austin.

Comment: What do you think of Christie’s relationship with Trump? Has he ruined his political career by having Trump seem so dominating over him? Share your opinion below.

Rusty Weiss

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