Earlier today, the new South Korean government announced that they would be significantly curtailing the use of the United States’ THAAD Anti-missile system, due to “environmental impact” concerns.

“We are not saying the two launchers and other equipment that has already been deployed should be withdrawn. But those that have yet to be deployed will have to wait,” a senior official told reporters.

Perhaps emboldened by this, the North Korean regime has once again test multiple missiles.

Via Yonhap:

“North Korea fired multiple unidentified projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship missiles, this morning from the vicinity of Wonsan, Gangwon Province,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

Experts believe the missiles are designed to be launched from land and take out seafaring vessels.

Perhaps this is in response to the United States position a major fleet in the Pacific earlier this year. This launch makes the 10th missile test this year. Nearly all of them have coincided with a major global event.  North Korea continues to feel emboldened to lash out for attention.

Earlier in the day, authorities believed that North Korea was preparing for a missile test, and possibly a test of a nuclear weapon.  Experts have observed the North Koreans moving a mobile launching pad. Owning this pad would allow the regime to launch missiles from a variety of locations, including very close to their disputed border with South Korea.

While the Communist autocratic slave state has yet to successfully test an ICBM, many believe they are very close to attaining one that is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon to the United States:

north korean missile test














Just today, the head of the US Missile Defense Agency said he was unsure if the United States could successfully stop a missile.

“I would not say we are comfortably ahead of the threat; I would say we are addressing the threat that we know today,” Syring said.

“The advancements in the last six months have caused great concern to me and others, in the advancement of and demonstration of technology of ballistic missiles from North Korea.

US Missile Defense is a web of satellites, radar, and Surface-to-Air missile systems.

north korean missile test

Last month, the Department of Defense announced a successful test of their missile defense system in California.  But tests are not always successful, nor are they indicative of the success of the system:

 It also marks the nation’s first live-fire test against a simulated ICBM. Before Tuesday, the most recent test was conducted in 2014. In the past, intercepting an ICBM has proven incredibly difficult—akin to hitting one bullet with another at an exceptional distance, officials say. Since 1999, the GMD system has hit its target in just nine out of 17 tests, with many tests suffering from mechanical difficulties.

As we’ve said many times here, North Korea is crying out for attention. They need food and supplies and don’t want China and the United States to forget about them. If North Kore attempts to launch a missile aimed at the US, Japan or South Korea, the consequences for them would be disastrous.

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