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Nobel Peace Prize Institute Just Made An INCREDIBLE Announcement About Trump!


News is breaking that conservative businessman Donald Trump, who is leading in every national poll, has been nominated to receive a Nobel Peace Prize this year!

Trump earned it for his strong talk on terrorism and his direct approach about confronting security threats around the world according to the director of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo Kristian Berg Harpviken.

In the nomination letter Mr. Harpviken read, supporters said Donald Trump Trump deserved the prize for “his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China,” Agence France-Presse reported.

Thousands of people around the world are allowed to make nominations for the prestigious award, including members of parliament and government ministers, former prize winners and some university professors.

The Nobel Institute accepts all valid nominations, which must be posted by Feb. 1, but the names of the nominees are secret.[…]

An online petition Monday earned roughly 630,000 signatures calling for the prize to be given to Greek islanders who have helped desperate migrants fleeing conflict in the Middle East. But the nomination faces a size problem as Nobel prizes can only be shared by a maximum of three laureates.

Via Washington Times

Watch a report on the Nobel Prize announcement below:

This is big news. Trump is certainly far more deserving of the Peace Prize than Barack Obama, considering the President has used drones to kill American civilians and has illegally wiretapped Americans via the NSA.

Obama has escalated a failing war in Afghanistan, made a mess in Syria, and between 500-800 innocent people have been killed by drones in the Middle East. All of this happened while the Islamic State (ISIS) has grown in size and power.

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