NFL Monday Night Football Ratings Are In – And They’re Pretty Bad

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It would appear football fans across the nation are taking a knee when it comes to watching NFL games.

While paying customers have become more scarce at games throughout the country, the real meat and potatoes for the league are the television viewers. But that doesn’t appear to be going very well either.

Monday night’s are a staple for American football fans, a time when top matchups for the week are featured and the audience is given one last sliver of football as they head into the work week.

It has been a ratings rock for the league for many years.

Ratings for Monday Night Football this past week however, are a bad sign for the NFL.


This week’s matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers earned the fourth lowest rating ever on ESPN.

“The game drew a 6.2 rating in metered markets, which was an 18-percent drop from the week prior,” according to the Hill. “Only three other Monday night games since 2006 on ESPN have drawn smaller audiences, including a Week 6 tilt between the Colts and Titans that drew a 6.1 rating.”

Legendary running back, Jim Brown, warned the NFL that kneeling for the national anthem isn’t just disrespectful, it’s bad for business.

“Football is commercial,” Brown explained. “You have owners. You have fans. And you want to honor that if you’re making that kind of money.”


Not only are the players not honoring the flag, police officers, military, and veterans, they’re not honoring those fans. And they expect the fans to invest time and money in their product? It’s clear they’re telling the NFL to get off their knees and go take a hike.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters in mid-October, “There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests.”

So far this season, ratings in the NFL are down 5 percent from last year and 18 percent from the previous year.

Are you still watching NFL football despite the anthem protests? Tell us why or why not below!

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