Newt Gingrich Says Trump Will Win Election ‘Dramatically Bigger’ Than Anyone Expects

Newt Gingrich Says Trump Will Win Election ‘Dramatically Bigger’ Than Anyone Expects

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that Donald Trump will win the presidential election in a landslide in November.

“I’m predicting that it will be a dramatically bigger victory than people currently expect,” he told Fox News over the weekend. Gingrich believes that a big Trump win is “beginning to build.”

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Gingrich predicted a Trump victory in 2016

Gingrich made a similar prediction four years ago when most pundits and pollsters insisted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would beat Trump.

“I’m going to go out on a limb tonight and you can keep this tape and remind me about it after the election, OK? Donald Trump’s going to win,” Gingrich said during an interview with Fox News on Aug. 19, 2016.

“Donald Trump’s going to win because, in the end, the country is not going to reward big banks and big unions and big bureaucracies and big donors and big corruption by voting for a big liar,” Gingrich said at the time. “And in the end, the country is going to say, you know, whatever Trump’s weaknesses may be, he’s a sincere guy trying very hard to get this country back on the right track.”

Newt Gingrich criticizes the Democratic convention

As the Republican National Convention begins this week, Gingrich said the GOP simply needs to remind the country of the stark differences between them and Democrats to win.

“We don’t have to want to make stuff up,” Gingrich said Sunday. “We don’t have to invent some post office phony scandal. We just have to tell the truth about how radical these people are.”

“Rioting every day for 90 days, that begins to be a fact,” the former House Speaker added. “And it was very interesting to me that neither [Joe] Biden nor [Kamala] Harris was willing to say a word about antifa, a word about a level of crime.”

“You know, [we] have the mayor of Chicago announcing that she’s going to have police on her own personal street because she wants her family to be safe. But good luck to the rest of the city,” Gingrich continued. “Well, I think this stuff sinks in at a level of reality that even NBC News can’t cover up.”

Gingrich also criticized the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket and the overall Democratic convention.

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‘Harris and Biden are on the side of the darkness’

“Picking the theme of the light versus the darkness was a big mistake,” Gingrich told WABC radio in New York. “You see it right there in New York. When you have Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue totally trashed, that’s the darkness.”

“Now, when you have the mayor cutting the police budget by $1 billion, that’s the darkness,” Gingrich said, referring to new York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “When you have people tearing down statues, that’s the darkness.”

“And then ironically, in the end, it’s going to turn out that Harris and Biden are on the side of the darkness” he finished.

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