Newt Gingrich
In an interview with Trump favorite Newt Gingrich this weekend, he dropped a huge bombshell that should have the Clinton campaign quaking in its cankle-sized boots. Newt was asked if he’s worried about the electability of the Donald after a couple of terrible weeks and even worse polling.

Newt drops a load of bricks on the Clinton campaign in the form of this simple response (at about the 7 minute mark):

Newt says that he sat through a meeting going over all of the dirt that the Republican National Committee has dug up on Hillary Clinton and he says we haven’t seen TEN PERCENT of what they’re going to throw at her!

He continues to explain that every Republican will demand that the Clinton Foundation be shut down after this information is released, and Trump has already started the avalanche by demanding they shut down this morning in a statement put out by the campaign:

And over the weekend, the Clintons announced they’d already change their policies under the scrutiny they’ve received already. If Newt is right, it’s about to get a whole lot worse for them!!

What do you think? Will Hillary be forced to shut down the Clinton Foundation? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!