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If Kavanaugh Nomination Fails America Won’t See A Conservative Supreme Court Justice ‘In Our Lifetime,’ Says Newt Gingrich

Nick Givas on September 26, 2018

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich said America won’t see another conservative Supreme Court justice in this lifetime, if the GOP fails to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the bench.

Gingrich cited a Monday incident with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, in which he and his wife Heidi Cruz were verbally accosted at a Washington, D.C., restaurant by anti-Kavanaugh protesters. Cruz and his wife eventually left after the crowd became overly hostile.

“What has happened to America when random left-wing totalitarians think they can violate private property, trespass on restaurant, go in and intimidate a citizen who’s simply trying to have dinner and they think they’re heroes,” Gingrich said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

“The police aren’t called. Nobody’s arrested for trespass. Nobody’s arrested for intimidation. We are watching a period where what we ought to understand is this is about raw power,” he continued.

Two women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault. One, Deborah Ramirez, went to Yale with Kavanaugh and claimed she has gaps in her memory and was drinking at the time of the alleged incident.

Gingrich said a Kavanaugh defeat in the Senate would set the GOP’s goal of a conservative Supreme Court back by decades.

“If the left can stop Kavanaugh, we will not get another conservative justice in our lifetime on the Supreme Court,” he concluded.

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  • Vote ONLY Republican, or, watch the slide of America into the socialist / Dem.
    toilet. READ the facts, not news opinions. More jobs, reduction in taxes....
    Would you prefer to be lied to by Benghazi Killery, or, believe the lies of the Muslim ex-Caliph, or, truths being stated by President Trump.
    If Democrats / Socialism wins, our standards of achievement will be null and void. Our "leaders" will be by 'Executive Appointment,' rather than election by
    the people...and Clinton / Obama/ Muslim /Soros ELITES will tell you what to think.
    Think it can't happen in YOUR lifetime ???
    Hundreds of acres are being purchased in Virginia, and thousands in the midwest.
    Stated Muslim objectives are to gain elected offices in America...to support
    OUR Constitution ??? Or, establish Sharia...?

    • When you vote for an incumbent you are perpetuating our government as it is now. Nothing will change.
      Vote OUT the ALL Incumbents! No matter what they offer us or how good they have been to us, we need CHANGE on OUR terms! This will keep the Congress & Senate as they are and let them know its not a career, with NEW IDEAS coming from both sides.

  • IF you enjoy your freedoms you better get out there and Vote for a Republican, that is the ONLY party that wants people to be Free. The Dems are now controlled by the Communists and the Socialists, they do NOT want people to be Free. They want and will Control YOUR Life! Been there seen that.

  • Someone has finally revealed the ultimate objective of the democrats but Newt did not go far enough or maybe he was just trying to spare us the rest. The democrats follow the strategy of Karl Marx, 'the ends justify the means'. Their future plans include labeling Christians and all believers as being too radical to be part of the voting public and, thus, denying them the right to vote. (They do not believe our rights are God-given.) Further, they wish to deny conservatives the same right and lead our country to embrace a one-party system, ensuring their election on every voting day. Follow their rhetoric and you will agree.

  • Ted Cruz is from a Hispanic background, his father is a native Cuban so these Leftists are racist, and Sarah Huckabee is a women which makes them all anti-women.

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