It’s all but official: Minnesota senator Al Franken will resign later this morning. He’s set to make his speech on the Senate floor around 11:45 AM.

This has been a long time coming, but maybe too long. After multiple women came forward accusing Franken of inappropriately groping them, Democrats dithered on whether or not to call for his removal from office.

Yesterday, the levee finally broke. After another accuser came forward, Senate Democrats had enough. One by one, they demanded Franken resign. It was a coordinated effort, but one badly needed if Democrats plan to save face and be the party of women empowerment.

Barring some unforeseen event, Franken will do their bidding just before noon today, ending his near-decade of service in Congress.

It’s quite the disgraceful end for a liberal who preached women’s rights and championed himself as a warrior against misogynist Republicans.

But, some people are not convinced that Franken needs to go. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich thinks there’s something fishy about how Franken is being railroaded. He tweeted the following out this morning:

That’s a really good point. How is it that 30 self-appointed policemen get to kick someone out who was duly elected to Congress? Do the people not have a voice anymore?

Of course, Gingrich’s comment was a thinly veiled swipe at Hillary supporters who still whine that their candidate won the popular vote but was still denied the White House. Liberal logic holds that because Hillary won more votes, she should be president, regardless of the Electoral College.

Franken sullied the reputation of the Senate by being a lecher. Not only that, but he also tarnished the reputation of the Democratic Party by preying on vulnerable women. He should be forced out. That’s kind of like how the Electoral College works – there is a set of rules there that can’t be overridden by a popular vote.

Gingrich’s tongue-and-cheek comment highlights the hypocrisy of Democrats as they oust one of their most popular members today.

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