Media’s War On Trump Has Taken Public Trust in Journalists to New Lows

The media’s relentless assault on President Trump has caused Americans’ distrust of journalists to reach new heights, and new polling reinforces their fall.

A recent IBD/TIPP poll surveyed participants about “the public’s perception of the mainstream news media.” The poll found that “fully half the country says its trust in the media decreased over the past two years.” Only eight percent said their trust in the media has increased.

“Inside that overall number, the poll finds a plurality of Independents (49 percent) have lost trust in the media over the last two years, along with 81 percent of Republicans, who already had a pretty low opinion of this wretched institution,” Breitbart reports. “In worse news (for the media), more than two-thirds of the public, a whopping 69 percent, believe the establishment media are ‘more concerned with advancing its points of view rather than reporting all the facts.”

The next poll finding is especially telling: “What’s more, nearly half (43 percent) of Democrats agree with that statement, along with an incredible 72 percent of Independents and 95 percent of Republicans.”

So, close to half of Democrats believe the “objective” media are actually propagandists, with almost two thirds of independents believing the same thing along with almost all Republicans.

It’s hard to imagine the media being any more discredited.

Americans see through fake news

Regarding allegations of “Russian collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, 53 percent believed the media “prematurely declared President Trump guilty of collusion with Russia without sufficient evidence.” Fifty-five percent of independents felt this way, as did 22 percent of Democrats.

None of this is surprising. For over two years, most mainstream media outlets have become something closer to journalistic hitmen for the Democratic Party than purveyors of objective journalism. Phony allegations of Russian collusion might be the most egregious example, but is certainly not the only one.

And, most Americans, and even more Democrats than you might expect according to this polling, saw right through it. Will they ever get a media more concerned with telling the truth than carrying out a left agenda?

Will President Trump ever get a fair shake from the media?

One thing is for sure: the liberal media’s negative reputation will be a boost for Trump his 2020 campaign for reelection.

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