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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Esau says:

    Tell it to Dudich.

  2. Qaz says:

    Apparently the few commenters so far haven’t understood the implications of this policy change… they aren’t asking their reporters to be unbiased. they’re asking them to not advertise their bias. This not only is admitting that their reporters are biased, but that their Biases pretty much align with not only the other reporters but also the management … if there was even ONE person with a contrary bias, the paper could trot them out as a token of unbiased ideas, biases counterbalancing would be evidence of well rounded coverage. They would be trumpeting such a revelation, not muting it.

  3. Harold says:

    It was so abundantly clear the NYT was so bias against trump that I finally quit reading their articles. I don’t know how they could even claim to be unbiased.

  4. Linda says:

    Really? What about free speech? The NYT is asking its employees not to express partisan views over social media?! Wonder how many reporters are packing to leave the country?

    1. Chris says:

      That’s not what they’re aiming at…if you haven’t noticed, since Trump running and winning office, there has been a surge of not just negative reporting, but strongly biased stories against Trump, conservatives, and anyone associated with the right, and/or Trump. What I’m currently finding, in great abundance, is editorial, opinion, op-ed, etc, pieces that are strongly worded, in such a way, that they sound like they are representing fact; however, they’re often times, NOT reporting fact, but merely the opinions and speculations of the writer. Unfortunately, many citizen readers, either can’t or don’t, for many reasons, discern the difference between a writer opining a position, and a writer legitimately reporting the facts. Further, you have writers that are flat out lying about what they’re reporting, cherry-picking facts and figures, and also using current events, with a stroke of fiction or histrionics, to purport a heavily biased story, with premeditated malice in mind! I feel as though journalistic integrity has significantly diminished in last year. I personally attribute this to personal emotions in the face of recent events. I feel like people are significantly, emotionally charged about current politics. Also, in addition to people being so insanely, emboldened in their opinions, they’re also exhibiting an insane amount of tribalism! This feels like a crazed pot of misinformation and misleading opinions, fed to a starved population of emotionally stimulated, hyper-sensitive, as well as hyper-reactive, tribes of citizens! It’s created a hot-pot that has begun to boil over! I don’t know what the eventual response and back-swing of the pendulum is going to be…but I have a feeling what’s happening now, is only going to get worse, and when it does swing back, it’s NOT going to be productive!

    2. Alan says:

      I am absolutely surprised about haw many folks in this country have no idea what free speech means. The entire Bill of Rights is your protection from the “Government”. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Linda says:

    Really? What about free speech? The NYT is asking its employees not to express partisan views over social media?! Does that relate at all to NFL owners asking players to stand while the National Anthem is played and the U.S. Flag is presented? Only partially. The NFL owners are asking players to stand as a part of their work day. Once they are on the field, their workday has started. And they are supposed to be there in uniform before the National Anthem. The NYT is asking employees to behave themselves over social media all time. Wonder how many reporters are packing to leave the country?

  6. Mari says:

    The NY Times doesn’t want their reporters to express political views because they like the Washington Post are so biased in reporting it’s ridiculous. Both are washed up!

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