New Report Claims Whistleblower Receiving More Than Quarter-Million Dollars Illegally Through GoFundMe

Fox News reported Tuesday that the whistleblower whose allegations sparked the current impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump might be in violation of federal law by receiving more than a quarter-million dollars from a GoFundMe account.

Fox News says this information came to light thanks to another whistleblower whose identity is being kept secret.

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“The complaint, which was filed last week and obtained by Fox News, alleged the donations from roughly 6,000 individuals ‘clearly constitute’ gifts to a current intelligence official that may be restricted because of the employee’s official position pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.203 and other statutes,” Fox News reported.

“To date, the GoFundMe has raised over $227,000,” the report noted. The goal is set at $300,000.


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“The complaint also raised the possibility that some of the donations may have come from prohibited sources, and asked the ICIG to look into whether any ‘foreign citizen or agent of a foreign government’ contributed,” Fox News added.

Fox News reported these new allegations by the second whistleblower on Tuesday night and host Sean Hannity also discussed these new revelations on his syndicated radio program.

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President Donald Trump’s campaign did not hesitate to seize on this news.

“BREAKING NEWS: New ICIG complaint alleges the partisan “whistleblower” is soliciting illicit donations from a GoFundMe page,” Team Trump tweeted. “Donations may have come from prohibited sources, such as foreign citizens or foreign governments!”

“STOP THE COUP!” the tweet ended

Law firm Tully Rinckey PLLC represents the second whistleblower and is closely guarding the identity of their client.

“I have not seen anything on this scale,” managing partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC, Anthony Gallo said to Fox News regarding the fundraising. “It’s not about politics for my client — it’s whistleblower-on-whistleblower, and [my client’s] only interest is to see the government ethics rules are being complied with government-wide.”

Indeed. But will Democrats care as much about potential lawbreaking regarding these new allegations as they do pursuing impeachment? We already know the answer to that question.

The GoFundMe is suspect at the very least. The Federalist’s Sean Davis raised a good point on Twitter Tuesday.

“Seems like this would be an easy way for foreign agents to buy off shady U.S. intelligence officials: who needs risky bribes, handoffs, and peer-to-peer paper trails when you can just hire lawyers to set up a GoFundMe to anonymize your cash flows?” Davis tweeted.

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The first, reportedly anti-Trump, whistleblower’s attorneys called the GoFundMe a way to “help support the Intelligence Community Whistleblower [to] raise funds,” and the GoFundMe page itself states that “A U.S. intelligence officer… needs your help” in the form of a “crowdfunding effort to support the whistleblower’s lawyers.”

Yeah, we aren’t buying it either.

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