New Poll Shows Only 39 Percent Of Voters In Battleground Districts Support Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’

According to a new GOP-leaning poll, only 39 percent of voters in battleground districts support the ‘Build Back Better’ spending agenda promoted by President Joe Biden. 46 percent oppose it.

These were the findings, which should be taken with a grain of salt due to the source, in a new survey published by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) on Tuesday.

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Biden ‘Build Back Better’ Spending Bill Unpopular In Battleground States?

Importantly, 31 percent on independents support Biden’s spending bill while and 49 percent opposed it.

That’s a significant 18 point margin.

Among undecided voters, 39 percent oppose ‘Build Back Better; while 25 percent support.

That’s a 14 point gap.

NRCC reported, “76% of voters in battleground districts say they are more likely to oppose BBB knowing that it imposes a natural gas tax that will “increase home heating costs, electricity rates, and raise gas prices.”

Particularly if they are aware that even without the tax, it’s going to cost more to heat our homes this winter, and energy prices like gasoline are through the roof.

“77% of voters in battleground districts are less likely to vote for a Democrat who “votes to give an eighty thousand-dollar tax break to wealthy homeowners in New York, New Jersey, and California, a move that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy, not the middle class,” the poll found.

The survey also showed that 76 percent of voters in battleground districts oppose the Democrat proposal of “giving $3,600 a year to illegal immigrants for every child they bring into America or give birth to after arriving.”

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The Forecast For Democrats

Biden’s approval rating among voters in battleground districts is just 42 percent, the poll revealed, with 52 percent disapproving of  the president’s performance to date.

Independents disapprove of Biden’s job performance 57 percent while only 31 percent approve.

That’s a 26 point margin.

The NRCC survey was conducted among 1,000 voters in 85 battleground districts from November 6-10.


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