A new Gallup poll reveals that most Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, showing a favorable rating of 60 percent.

The President is Hitting His Highest Approval Numbers to Date

Trump’s overall approval rating is 49 percent, a number that ties for the best of his presidency.

The President also received a  49 percent approval rating in late January and early February during Democrats efforts to impeach him.

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Trump is not only getting earning strong approval numbers from Republicans, but also independents.

Way Up With Independents

Among independents, sixty percent favor how President Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic, Only 27 percent of Democrats approve of his response.

Trump’s approval rating is up points from an earlier Gallup taken between March 2-13. This latest Gallup poll was taken between March 13-22.

Is President Trump doing a good job in handling coronavirus?

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Despite promoting tough restrictions on the country to fight the spread of coronavirus, the president signaled he would like to see the country back at work in a few weeks.

Trump is Eager for America to Get Back to Work

“I would love to have the country opened up and rearing to go by Easter,” the President said Tuesday at the White House.


“We can socially distance ourselves and go to work, and you’ll have to work a little bit harder,” Trump said. “You can clean your hands five times as more as you used to, you don’t have to shake hands anymore with people.”

America ‘not built to shut down’

Trump added that America is “not built to shut down. Our people are full of vim and vigor and energy. They don’t want to be locked in a house or an apartment or some space.” He also said that putting restrictions on Americans last week was “one of the most difficult decisions that he ever made.”


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“You’re basically turning off the country,” the president said. “I wasn’t happy about it, and I also knew I had to do it.”

“We have to go back to work, much sooner than people thought, and people can go back to work and they can also practice good judgment,” Trump added.