New Harvard Poll Shows Trump More Popular Than Biden

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shows former President Trump favorability ratings eclipsing that of Joe Biden.

A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey of registered voters shows former President Trump’s favorability ratings eclipsing that of Joe Biden, with the latter being underwater in popularity.

The Hill, who obtained exclusive viewing of the new poll, of course framed the results as being “statistically tied,” but nevertheless, Trump pulls in higher numbers.

The results show 48 percent of Americans view Trump favorably while just 46 percent have a positive view of the current President.

Worse for President Biden – 49 percent of those surveyed have an unfavorable view of him, putting him underwater with the American people.

Those who view Trump negatively sit at 47 percent. It’s not a massive positive rating by any stretch, but it is an indicator of just how far Joe Biden’s star has fallen in the last few months.

And recent events seem to be giving Americans a fresh appreciation for the former president.

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Poll: Trump More Popular Than Biden

Despite softening the blow by describing the poll results for Biden and Trump as “statistically tied,” The Hill does acknowledge the numbers mark “a remarkable shift for Biden.”

Biden, they note, “repeatedly outperformed Trump’s favorability numbers throughout the early months of his presidency but has now been plagued by “multiple crises.”

Digging a little deeper into the numbers, this little tidbit is sure to send liberals and resistance beta males at Project Lincoln into a tailspin – 51 percent of registered voters now believe Trump was a better President than Biden.

You read that right. Trump now ranks as a better President than the current occupant of the White House, the man 81 million people originally thought would save us from the mean tweets.

As President Barack Obama once reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f… things up.”

He has the media on his side. He has the education system on his side. He has bureaucrats and career politicians on his side.

And yet, the American people hold Trump with higher esteem than they do Biden.

Joe is really screwing things up.

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Bad News For Democrats

These poll numbers have to be nothing short of terrifying based on their implications not only for the 2024 presidential election, but the more immediate upcoming midterms.

Another recent poll in the battleground state of Iowa may have portended this one showing Biden less popular than Donald Trump.

A Des Moines Register-Mediacom Iowa poll shows a significant 62 percent of those surveyed now disapprove of President Biden’s performance in the White House.

His approval numbers in the bellwether Hawkeye state sit at a mere 31 percent according to this poll.

The numbers show clearly that American voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s handling of the disaster in Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis at the border, the economy, and even the pandemic.

As for these latest numbers, Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, says people are starting to regret voting for President Biden. 

“The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced now with buyer’s remorse,” Penn said.

In the same poll, Biden had a 62 percent favorability rating in June, dropping to 52 percent in July, and now down to 46.

Will it continue to slide any lower?


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