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New ‘American Sniper’? The ‘Daesh Hunter’ Has ISIS COWERING In Fear!

Daesh Hunter

Don’t you love to hear stories like this where we are getting the bad guys, and they don’t know what’s coming until it’s on top of them? According to reports, residents in the Libyan city of Sirte already have a nickname for the mysterious sniper who is assassinating ISIS leaders – the Daesh Hunter.

After three high-ranking ISIS commanders were killed by long range gunfire over a span of 10 days, a mystery sniper is being hailed as the responsible party. Think of it like this: you know someone is out there, but you don’t know where and how far they are, so death could come at any moment. That’s what ISIS commanders are going through now.

You can best believe they are surrounded by many men, or they just aren’t going outside.

Daesh Hunter

According to a report by IB Times:

Islamic State (Isis) commanders fighting in Libya are thought to have been targeted by a lone sniper, who has killed 3 high-level jihadis in just 10 days. As Daesh (IS) extremists gain ground in the war-torn north African country, a sharpshooter is said to be at work in the city of Sirte, systematically picking-off IS commanders one-by-one.

And, according to local media in the former Muammar Gaddaffi-stronghold, IS are now sweeping the city hunting for the marksman, dubbed on social media as the ‘Daesh hunter’. The coastal city has been overrun by the terror group, who now roam the streets freely.

Online discussion has centred on the theory that the sniper is a lone gunman from the nearby city of Misrata. But US operatives are thought to be active in the area and a number of US air strikes have killed IS militants in the area.

According to al-Wasat, a witness to one of the murders said, “A state of terror prevailed among the Isil (Islamic State) ranks after his death. They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper.”

The three ISIS fighters killed are reportedly Hamad Abdel Hady, Abdullah Hamad al Ansari, and Abu Mohammed Dernawi.

An assassination of an ISIS cleric over the summer was very similar to these killings according to the Daily Mail, but a connection has not been made to these three assassinations.

H/T: Daily Mail UK, International Business Times

Whoever this Angel of Death is, I am glad they are on our side taking care of business. What do you think of this story and our mystery guardian angel? Share your thoughts and opinions below in the comment section. We want to hear from you.