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New 2016 Polls In Florida And Ohio – What Do They Mean For Trump?

CNN Poll

There are quite a few 2016 polls being released today. Expect polls on a daily basis from now until November, and stay tuned here for all the latest!

Earlier we brought you a shocking national poll, and now we have two polls that focus on major battleground states, Ohio and Florida.

And both confirm the emerging narrative that Trump and Hillary are much closer than previously believed.

Via YouGov:

In a hypothetical match-up likely presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in Florida and separated by just five points in Ohio, according to the latest wave of the YouGov/CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker.

The poll of likely voters in Florida, the perennial swing state, found 43% would vote for Hillary Clinton if the election were held today, giving her a marginal 1-point lead over the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Another 14% say they were undecided or would vote for a third candidate. Clinton’s advantage is more substantial – but still narrow – in Ohio, where the Democratic frontrunner leads Trump 44% to 39% with 10% undecided or opting for someone else.

That’s pretty impressive for Trump, especially considering that many thought he was going to get blown out in Ohio and Florida. If Trump can pick up at least one of those states, then there’s a very real chance he can win.

Stay tuned for all the latest 2016 news!

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