Being out in the wilderness while it’s pitch dark is not an enjoyable experience and can be quite dangerous. All it takes is one loose rock to send you tumbling down. Be sure that your path is always illuminated at night with the Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern. This is the ideal companion for all your outdoor nighttime adventures.

Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or searching for lost keys in the backyard, the Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern has you covered. What makes these lanterns so unique are their three useful functions. You can use the Slide-N-Glo as a SMD-LED (Surface Mounted Diode – Light-emitting Diode) lantern to illuminate a large campground. Or, you can utilize the SMD-LED flame effect for a more intimate, mood-setting experience.

When you hit the road, be sure to switch the Slide-N-Glo to the bright LED wide-angle flashlight mode. The 80 lumens ensures that your path will be very well lit. When not in use, the Slide-N-Glo can collapse into a small, portable device for easy carry.

Get the Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern today while it’s still 28% off the original price. That brings your total down to just $17.95!


Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern – $17.95

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