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What Show On Netflix Does Everyone In Your State Binges


Netflix is almost as popular as traditional TV.  It has moved from a mail-order DVD service to practically being its own network with its own TV shows, documentaries, and movies.

And Americans use Netflix a lot. Just look at how much bandwidth the website uses compared to others:


One thing people love about Netflix is that you can “binge” TV shows.

Often times one can spend whole weekends consuming an entire season or entire run of a TV show.

This is a chart that shows which shows are being binged the most in each state.

Which show dominates your state?

via Digg.

Americans love to binge Netflix, and we just don’t stop at TV shows.
Via CNN:

The company analyzed the viewing habits of more than 86 million members across more than 190 countries from January to October 2016.
Among those who took a break after finishing up a series, 61% watched a movie.
Who watched what is pretty telling.
For example, a “Narcos” viewer was, after binging on tales of a Colombian drug lord, apt to stream “Pulp Fiction.”
Into the nostalgia of “Gilmore Girls?” Those viewers often kept that throwback energy going by next watching movies like “Sixteen Candles” or “Dirty Dancing.”

But why do we binge? Scientists have been studying it, and have come to some interesting conclusions:

Netflix sent cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken into the homes of TV streamers to find out more. McCracken discovered that 76 percent reported bingeing as a welcome refuge from their busy lives, and nearly 8 in 10 agreed that binge-watching a TV show was more enjoyable than watching single episodes. Despite our hectic, digitally-driven lifestyles and 140-character social interactions, McCracken concluded that we’re actually craving the long narratives that today’s best television series can provide. Instead of dealing with our life’s stresses by zoning out, we’d rather become engrossed in an entirely different (and fictional) world.

Do you binge on Netflix or other video streaming services? What are you watching? Share your thoughts in the comments!