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On a recent radio show broadcast, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie dropped a bombshell about President Barack Obama and his administration. What he explained shows Obama is more concerned about Islamic terrorists than American troops… really!

Higbie noted his SEAL team captured al-Qaeda organizer Ahmed Hashim Abd al-Isawi in 2009. Instead of thanking the SEALs for their service, the Obama White House immediately accused them of abusing the terrorist leader.

It was as if al-Isawi “was more important” than Higbie’s team:

Shortly after al-Isawi’s capture, Mr. Higbie’s team were accused of abusing the al Qaeda member before handing him over to U.S. officials. He claimed the charges were “part of a politically-charged movement to get out of Iraq,” spearheaded by the Obama administration.

“That is where we went wrong,” he added.

The entire episode was was infused “with this feeling … that [al-Isawi] was more important” than the SEAL team members who captured him, Mr. Higbie said Tuesday.

The “politically correct aura” within his unit’s leadership led to three members of the team requesting an official court-martial on the abuse charges, forgoing the non-judicial procedures initially proposed by the unit’s commanders, Mr. Higbie said.

In the end, the three team members were found not guilty.

“The fact is we did nothing wrong,” Mr. Higbie said.

Sadly, Higbie did do “something wrong.” They violated Obama’s rules of political correctness and absurd rules about protecting the feelings of Islamic terrorists.

America’s Commander in Chief has seriously degraded our own military to such an extent that we have to ask ourselves … Which side is Obama on?

Disgracing the brave men and women of America’s military is bad enough, but actively defending the rights of dangerous terrorists is even worse. Our troops can’t keep our citizens safe when they are treated this way.

What do you think about this ex-Navy SEAL exposing Obama? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!