On Thursday morning, Attorney General William Barr held a news conference to give the media a more in-depth grasp of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings before he delivered the report to Congress.

Lawmakers were angry they didn’t have a chance to review the report for themselves first, so they tried to outmaneuver Barr with a Wednesday night news conference by Rep. Jerry Nadler, television spots with the likes of Maxine Waters slamming the report and so on.

Now that the report is out, Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants to have a meeting with Democrats to see what steps they could take to go after the Mueller report. Rep. Jerry Nadler subpoenaed the report on Friday, even though Barr said he was going to release an unredacted copy for select lawmakers.

Pelosi asked for the conference call to take place on Monday in a letter to Democrats. In her letter, Pelosi described the special counsel’s findings as a “grave matter.”

The speaker also said the nature in which the Justice Department released the findings was “disrespectfully late” and “selectively redacted.”

“The Caucus is scheduling a conference call for Monday to discuss this grave matter, which is as soon as our analysis and this Holy Season’s religious traditions allow,” Pelosi said.

“Congress will not be silent,” she concluded. [HuffPost]

“Congress will not be silent,” she concluded. You mean the Democrats won’t be silent. The liberals will never give up trying to hijack the Trump administration.


Hey Pelosi, Mueller did not find a conspiracy between Russians and Trump or his campaign, Barr said in a brief letter describing the special counsel’s conclusions shared with Congress late last month. Try to keep up.

No one would expect anything less from Pelosi and left. Regardless of what the investigation found, the left supported by the liberal and corrupt media will continue their narrative of collusion and obstruction although Mueller found no such wrongdoing. Instead, Dems refuse to work with Republicans to secure our borders, reform immigration, address our failing infrastructure, fix or replace Obamacare and more while embracing socialism. The party of NO must GO!

Interesting that Pelosi forgot that Barr had no obligation to release any report. After Bill Clinton’s special counsel reported his findings very publicly to Congress, the Democrat-led legislature passed the rules that future reports go to the Attorney General.

Democrats should be this concerned with illegal immigration issues and healthcare, not the Mueller report. Once again, they prove this is all about politics and not about doing the job they were elected for.

As a side note, The Mueller Report could have said Trump walks on water and Pelosi would have found fault.

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