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Nancy Pelosi Quotes Tweet From Fake Account Claiming To Be Gen. Michael Flynn

Grandma Pelosi is at it again.

Last time we checked with the woman responsible for the destruction of the Democratic party, she was having a bit of a senior moment thinking that a member of the Bush family was in the White House.

Her latest fall from reality came when discussing recently ousted National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn.

Pelosi read a tweet allegedly written by Flynn that claim he was a “scapegoat” for what happened  The 76 year old former Speaker quoted this in a news conference this morning while arguing for a full investigation into Flynn’s actions.

But there was ONE big problem with the tweet. It came from a FAKE account:

The problem for Cummings and Pelosi? The @GenMikeFlynn is a clearly marked parody account. And they weren’t the only ones who were duped by the account.

Even the House Democrats had to tuck their tails between their legs

Conservatives on Twitter has a fun time poking fun at Pelosi:


Even the New York Times Slimes fell for it and had to issue a major retraction!

The media and the Democrats just can’t help themselves. They keep falling for these bogus stories about Trump.

Luckily, the American people are seeing through it and are approving of his job as President.

Are you sick of the media and democratic lies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.