Just a few days ago, we alerted you to Rep. Nancy Pelosi demanding that “DREAMer” Rep. Ruben Kihuen (NV), step down over sexual assault allegations. She was trying to keep in step with asking Rep. John Conyers to resign after speaking with a victim and learning that her allegation were true against the 86-year-old congressman. (Related: Nancy Pelosi Calls for “DREAMer” Democrat Rep. Ruben Kihuen to Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations)

On Tuesday, Kihuen told ABC News that Pelosi knew about the sexual allegations “last year,” and still campaigned with him, which makes her complicit, does it? “Complicit” was the top word for 2017, so I feel right in using it here. Let’s see them both resign.

According to Fox News, “in an interview with ABC News, Kihuen said Pelosi and Lujan knew about Samantha’s allegations last year.”

“‘They looked into them. They didn’t find anything, and they continued investing millions of dollars in my campaign,’ said Kihuen, who unseated incumbent Republican Cresent Hardy in last November’s election. ‘They went out there and campaigned for me.'”

More from the report: “Representatives for Pelosi and Lujan denied Kihuen’s claims in separate statements to ABC News. The network reported that the DCCC had spent more than $3 million to help Kihuen’s campaign. Over the weekend, Kihuen said he did not remember the incidents as described by Samantha and vowed that he would not step down.”

Is there any better time to ask for Pelosi to step down than now? She tried to be the face of morality in asking Conyers to step down, followed by this representative, which, no doubt, probably deserves to be removed from office for sexual assault. But this move, this tactic by Kihuen, is rarely practiced and could cause a huge problem.

He feels as if he was being thrown under the bus, so he’s holding Pelosi’s hand, dragging her with him. That, my friends, takes gumption. Like I said before, you don’t see it that much among politicians, but when it does happen, given Pelosi’s status in the party, there will be fireworks soon and we are covering it.

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