Nancy Pelosi had a hard time speaking after a liberal heckler yelled for “a new Congress” during an anti-Trump tax protest on Tuesday.

Pelosi, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a handful of others took to the podium outside the Capitol to complain about President Trump’s tax cuts. This comes after Pelosi has been criticized relentlessly (even by members of her own party) for referring to the $1000-$2000 bonuses workers are receiving as a result of these tax cuts as “crumbs.”

As we reported yesterday, that’s in large part probably due to the fact that the Trump tax plan raises taxes on people like Pelosi. Californians will lose a collective $12 billion because the new law caps a deduction they have been able to take for paying their state and local taxes, but nearly all of that will be paid by the wealthy. Very wealthy Californians earning more than $1 million a year will pay the lion’s share of that money, with 43,000 of them paying a combined $9 billion.

Pelosi is certainly in that demographic. According to her 2016 financial disclosure, she has assets that generate up to over $10 million a year.

According to The American Mirror:

Pelosi began her brief remarks by laughing oddly.
Moments later, a heckler interrupted her, demanding “a new Congress.” That threw Pelosi, and she stumbled mightily to continue speaking.

She claimed Republicans are “mortgaging our children’s future, placing a dark cloud over, putting a dark cloud over, over, dark cloud over this capitol, over our budget.”
Pelosi accused Republicans of cutting “a hundred trillion” dollars of education, before quickly correcting herself to say “billion.”

While telling a story about Pope Benedict and St. Augustine, she got confused and said Benedict quoted Benedict, before saying Augustine.

To emphasize her point, she said Augustine made his statement “17 centuries ago,” before attempting to repeat it, only for gibberish to come out of her mouth.

It’s interesting to see Democrats still fearmongering over the Trump tax cuts, even as tens of millions of Americans are seeing raises in their paychecks every week. Ironic that it’s because of people like Pelosi, that we needed to pass the bill so people could find out what’s in it.

Are you seeing a pay raise from the Trump tax cuts? Let us know in the comments below!

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