On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will move forward with her own emergency coronavirus relief package, dismissing the bipartisan plan.

‘From my standpoint, we’re apart’

Just hours before the Senate was scheduled to take a procedural vote that would move toward a final vote on bipartisan economic relief, Pelosi said it wasn’t happening.

“From my standpoint, we’re apart,” Pelosi said.

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The current bill would give economic relief to those who have been harmed financially by the coronavirus epidemic.

Senate leaders then decided to delay the planned vote to 6 p.m. Sunday evening.

‘It’s just about time to take yes for an answer’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged leaders to support the bipartisan bill that he said was desperately needed to help the American people.

“What we have is a compromise product which contains ideas, contributions, and priorities on both sides and which could become law as soon as tomorrow,” McConnell said. “In other words, it’s just about time to take yes for an answer.”

Pelosi and McConnell met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Sunday to reach a compromise on the congressional coronavirus response package.

Pelosi said leaders of both parties were still “talking,” but saw no need to meet McConnell’s Monday deadline for a vote on coronavirus relief for Americans in need.

The Trump administration and Senate Republicans say they will continue to push for the $1.6 trillion economic relief package, which, if passed, would include $350 billion in support for small businesses and $250 billion for unemployment insurance.

The legislation would also institute cash payments to Americans averaging about $1,200 per individual, with even more dollars going to families with children.

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‘It’s not clear how Pelosi’s plan would work’

Politico reported, “it’s not clear how Pelosi’s plan would work — committee chairs have been frenetically compiling ideas for a legislative package, but are not yet ready for legislative text.”

Senate Majority Whip John Thune would add, “The Democrats are getting some of the things they’ve asked for. They’re getting what they wanted on unemployment insurance.”

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