When millions of Americans are reaping the benefits of tax reform, Congressional Democrats would be wise not to criticize a piece of legislation that’s resulted in Americans earning more money.

Not everyone got the memo.

Nancy Pelosi infamously called the $1,000 bonuses many corporations were announced in the wake of tax reform “crumbs.” She said that because the bonuses were given out by “billion-dollar corporations.” (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Promises Dems Will Raise Taxes If They Win Midterms).

It’s a bizarre mentality that some liberals have – that they’re not OK with a poor person being made a dollar better off if a rich person is simultaneously a dollar and a cent better off.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz made similar comments, stating, “I’m not sure that $1,000 — which is taxed, taxable — goes very far for almost anyone.” Perhaps $1,000 doesn’t go far for Pelosi (who boasts a $29.5 million net worth) and Schultz, but it was kind of her to acknowledge that the $1,000 bonuses aren’t “really” $1,000 because of taxes. It’s certainly not thanks to Republicans that taxes on the middle class are still as high as they are.

CNN hosted a televised “Nancy Pelosi Townhall” last night (probably not by popular demand), and she was confronted by a small business owner who took issue with Pelosi’s characterization of the tax cuts as “crumbs.”

The businessman told Pelosi “We are a small business with seven full-time employees that provide the fertilizer and seed products to our farm customers,” said the business owner named John. “When the tax and jobs bill was passed, I gave my employees $1,000 bonus, plus a 5 percent pay increase that they appreciated very much. Add to that the reduced withholding from their pay collection and it turned into a noticeable increase in income. This certainly was not crumbs to them. My question is, what can you add to this legislation that would also contribute to the growth of jobs and wages in our country?”

Pelosi responded by congratulating the man for being part of the “small share of businesses that shared their tax cuts” with employees. After that condescending comment, she went on to again argue that the rich disproportionately benefit from the tax cuts.

Watch below:

Nancy Pelosi owes millions of Americans an apology. The tax cuts we have received are not mere “crumbs” as the former Speaker would like you to believe, and have helped millions of Americans across the country.

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Source: Fox News Insider

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