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The Name George W. Bush’s Granddaughter Calls Him Is Incredible! I Love This…

george bush

President George W. Bush was an inspiring leader who loves America. And over the years, people have given him many nicknames.

You and I often call him “Dubya” or “W.”

Some of his friends in Texas call him “The Bombastic Bushkin.”

And former Vice President Dick Cheney still refers to him as “The Apprentice.”

But the best nickname Bush has comes from his young granddaughter Mila. As Former First Lady Laura Bush explained to People Magazine, Mila answers the phone with this:

“Every single day we talk to them with Facetime, so they know him. I’ll answer the phone and they’ll say where’s Jefe?”

Daughter Jenna Bush explained how Mila constantly asks for her “Jefe and Grammy.” In Spanish, Jefe means “chief.”

Trick-or-Treating with a tiny astronaut, @laurawbush, and @jennabhager

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I miss having a classy family in the White House. Don’t You?

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