MUST WATCH! Rand Paul Owned Gotcha Segment with NBC Savannah Guthrie

rand paul

This is why people hate the legacy media. Lowbrow, simpleton, gotcha questions from positions taken a decade ago and left-wing hosts trying to make news.

To many viewers, Senator Rand Paul is very interesting and the jury may be out on their decision this early in the process. It would be so refreshing if NBC would have a conversation with these candidates like Brian Williams used to do with Barack Obama.

Don’t misunderstand that last statement. I’m not suggesting they do it on their knees like Williams did. Less foolish gotcha stuff would be more productive, but in the end NBC is an arm of the DNC, so this is standard fare.

Watch the NBC interview with Rand Paul below:


By the look on Guthrie’s face, she probably wishes she could have backed out of the room.

H/T: NBC News

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