million student march

There are a lot of us that criticize the lack of wisdom in the “millennial” generation, but this video that has gone viral because a girl defending her “socially conscious” beliefs proves every criticism we have of the young.

Watch below:

Just incredible.

It really makes you wonder just what the heck these kids are being taught in school, because Keely Mullen repeats all the absurd simplistic slogans of the left but doesn’t actually know any numbers when asked to justify her beliefs.

Neil Cavuto is as gentle as he can be as he utterly dismantles her every belief about how the rich are evil money-grubbers and everything will be solved if we just tax everyone.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she left persuaded about anything.

What do you think? Is our country doomed with people like Keely taking charge of it or are other Millennials not as dumb as she is? Let us know in the comments!!

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