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Muslims are MAD AS HELL at What Michelle Obama Just Did in Saudi Arabia


Michelle Obama has outraged the Muslims in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world for not wearing a head scarf. Michelle Obama is not a classy First Lady and doesn’t represent America well.

However, in this case- Michelle is right. Why should American leaders have to follow the backwards, 12th-century rules of an Islamic theocratic monarchy? Perhaps the bigger question is, why were the Obama’s there in the first place?

Barack Obama was in Riyadh on Tuesday to pay his respects to the late Saudi King Abdullah. His visit, for which he cut short a much-hyped trip to India, underscores how important the U.S.-Saudi relationship remains to the American leadership. On social media, however, much of the attention has focused on something else: His wife’s attire.

As noted by the Associated Press, Michelle Obama did not wear a headscarf or veil Tuesday. In Saudi Arabia, that’s unusual: The country is one of the few on Earth where women are expected to cover their heads, and most Saudi women wear niqabs.

Exceptions are made for foreigners, however, and Michelle – who did wear loose clothing that fully covered her arms – appears to have been one of them. In photographs from the official events, other foreign female guests are also shown not wearing headscarves.

More than 1,500 tweets using the hashtag #ميشيل_أوباما_سفور (roughly, #Michelle_Obama_immodesty) were sent Tuesday, many of which criticized the first lady. Some users pointed out that on a recent trip to Indonesia, Michelle had worn a headscarf. Why not in Saudi Arabia?

via The Washington Post

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