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Muslims Are MAD AS HELL At Walmart After The Store DID THIS!


America has a First Amendment in the Constitution, which protects freedom of speech.

But oppressive Islamic countries do not protect those rights.  And now, Muslims are trying to silence Walmart and make them apologize for selling two harmless costumes for the Halloween season.

One of them is a children’s costume which looks like the brave soldiers of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), which comes with a toy machine gun. The real IDF keeps the democracy of Israel safe from terrorists, so why would Muslims be upset?

The other costume is a hilarious “Sheik Fagin Nose” which perfectly fits with an Arab costume. Too funny! (See below):



Muslims immediately expressed outrage on Twitter:

And others left negative reviews on Walmart’s website. Pathetic!

One review, titled ‘Costume of the Chosen Apartieid Army’, reads: ‘Your little one can now go to his friend’s house, and take over their bedroom, and all of their toys and claim that God has given him/her the right to take it.

‘If the friend refuses, your little IDF soldier can respond with force, and if they fight back, claim anti-Semitism, the right to defend their new room full of God given toys and level the whole family and neighbourhood block!’

But really folks, what’s more dangerous: funny halloween costumes, or terrorist-run governments which hide bombs inside of schools and run into Israeli stores wearing bombs on their chests?

And the reason why no one is upset about people dressing as Jesus Christ is – Christianity is a peaceful religion, and they are allowed to have a sense of humor about a harmless holiday.

Do you support Walmart selling these costumes? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.