Once again, conservatives, Republicans, and her own constituents have been betrayed by left-wing Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, the State’s RINO. The Senate just held their procedural vote to advance the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh (the vote to confirm him will be Saturday), and while it advanced 51-49, Murkowski was the only Republican to vote “no.” She didn’t even have the courage to boldly declare her defiant vote – instead making a completely inaudible comment.

In doing so, Murkowski has proven that she’s no better than the Democrats who requested an FBI investigation, only to dismiss its conclusions. Just days ago Murkowski said she won’t make up her mind on Kavanaugh until the FBI’s investigation concluded. The investigation concluded, found no evidence to substantiate Kavanaugh’s accusers, and then Murkowski went ahead and voted against him anyway. Just as was the case for her Democrat colleagues, the FBI investigation was all for show.

Even Jeff Flake supported Kavanaugh (which I guess means he flip-flopped, then flip-flopped on flip-flopping, only to flip-flop again).

Assuming the final vote is the same, this will be the first time in history that the Senate confirmed a SCOTUS justice by only a single vote. It’s a sad reminder of the times of extreme partisanship we live in (and the evidence shows that it’s the Left that’s gone to the extreme, not the Right).

At least one Democrat did vote in favor, Joe Manchin, who represents Trump territory. Other Red State Democrats failed to do the same, which will not bode well for them in November.

North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp in particular is in hot water. She won her last Senate race by 2,936 votes, a razor thin margin of only 0.92%. A poll released yesterday (before this vote) showed that Claire McCaskill was trailing her Republican opponent 44 to 52. Indiana’s Joe Donnelly has a 4 point lead against his Republican opponent, but this vote could change that.

Of course, one can hardly fault those Democrats for simply going along with their party, but the same cannot be said of Murkowski. She obstructed a full repeal of Obamacare last year, and now attempted to obstruct the confirmation of the most conservative SCOTUS justice since Clarence Thomas to the Court. How sad is it when Joe Manchin is doing more to advance our interests than an actual Republican?

The voters of Alaska should be voting to obstruct her political career sometime soon.