MSNBC’s Joy Reid Slams Rogan In Crazy COVID Rant: ‘Joe Rogan Said It Was Fine’

msnbc joy reid slams rogan

On Monday, MSBNC host Joy Reid blasted popular podcaster Joe Rogan during a crazy rant against him and conservatives at large about vaccines. Reid accused Rogan of saying that “it was okay” to not wear a mask.

Reid’s diatribe took place on her MSNBC program, the “ReidOut.”

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Reid Rants About Conservatives

Reid said, “there are white so-called Christian conservatives who feel like this country was built by them for them, and so everyone but them needs to suck it up and let them have their way or else.”

“Their party, the Republicans, have gone from pretending to be the party of personal responsibility to unmasking themselves as the party of selfish people that cannot play well with others,” Reid contended.

Reid then focused on the conservative alternative social media platforms Gettr.

“They even have their own cable networks plus something called GETTR, which kind of sounds like porn. Moving on…” Reid spouted.

Next, Reid moved on to Americans who don’t wear masks.

Reid claimed these people say things like, “‘I don’t want to wear a mask, and if you try to attack me, I’ll attack the low-waged clerks at the store or at the Burger King. I don’t want to get the vaccine either. If people get sick from me, oh well, not my problem.’”


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Reid Slams Joe Rogan

Then Reid finally got to Rogan.

On not wearing masks, Reid claimed, “Joe Rogan said it’s fine. My kids aren’t going to mask up to protect those other kids. F those other kids, their parents are probably commies anyway.’ Which usually means people who want rights for other people and who give a damn what happens to them.”

Reid finished with an election thought.

“This midterm election year, we’re going to find out which brand of citizenship is stronger, and the answer will tell us whether our democracy is strong enough to survive,” she concluded.

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