MSNBC’s Cross Rips Vaccine Hesitant – Only ‘MAGA CROWD’ Is With You On The ‘Wrong Side’ Of History

Cross Fauci

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross blasted anyone questioning the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, telling viewers that being hesitant about the vaccine puts you with the “MAGA crowd,” who she said was on the “wrong side” of history.

Fauci Comments On Mask Mandates

Cross said this after asking National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci about mask mandates.

“The guidance is the guidance from the CDC, Tiffany,” Fauci replied. “If you’re fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. What we are seeing in the real world is that in those areas where you have a lot of dynamics of transmission, and you have situations where a proportion of the population in a particular given geographic area might be very low with regard to the percentage of people who are vaccinated.”

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“Under those circumstances, local authorities like in certain states or certain cities are saying even though you are vaccinated, just to be doubly sure, when you’re indoors, you should be wearing a mask,” he added. “The broader country-wide recommendation is that if you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, and you don’t need to wear a mask indoor or outdoor.”

Cross Goes Off 

That’s when Cross decided to give her two cents about the situation.

“Yeah. Thank you so much, Dr. Fauci, for providing clarity there and for everything you have done for America during the pandemic,” she said. “I know you have gone through a lot. Thanks for being here.”

“I just want to say quickly to the folks at home, if you are questioning the vaccine, just note the only people who are aligning with you questioning the vaccine come from the MAGA crowd,” she added. “You don’t want to be on the wrong side of your health or history.”

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Cross and her fellow MSNBC hosts have nothing but contempt for both voters of Donald Trump and people who dare to question the COVID-19 vaccine in any way, so it comes as no surprise that she would try to shame them in this way. Who does she think she is decreeing who is on the “wrong side” of history?

This piece was written by James Samson on July 17, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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