MSNBC has gone too far with this one and someone on the Republican side in leadership needs to stand up and call out this rhetoric because Nicolle Wallace wants to be a big shot on a liberal network but what she is doing is unheard of.

Wallace worked for President George W. Bush, that debacle of a presidency, which saw a lot of our freedoms go out the door when Congress gave away their power to the executive branch after 9/11. Bush wasn’t the best president and going after Saddam Hussein to add a notch in his belt was nothing more than prideful misadventure.

Wallace spent the past year or so on The View with liberals Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar. She learned some bad manners and became too mainstream to even think logically anymore. She calls herself a Republican but calling Trump the devil on purpose is something nobody should tolerate.

According to NTK Network, “MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt had reported that Republican donors are threatening to disappear entirely if Republicans don’t pass tax reform, citing Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) as an example.”

“’If you’re saying what they are buying, maybe Rob Portman shouldn’t have endorsed a president who was against NAFTA,’ Wallace commented after Hunt’s reporting. ‘Rob Portman has spent his entire life in politics as a free trade advocate. So maybe when you make a deal with the devil, this is what you get,’ Wallace concluded, seeming to suggest that Trump is the devil.”

Think about it like this: She’s on a major news network and calls the President of the United States the devil.

Too many times we allow these individuals to get away with this, and they become emboldened to continue to act as if they are high and mighty with all the answers to questions while knowing their solutions do not pass the smell test. I don’t say fire Nicolle, but I do say it’s time to put her on a desk until she learns how to report news.

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