MSNBC Host Says 2020 ‘Could Be the Last Free and Fair Election in American History’

On MSNBC’s “AM Joy” program Saturday, contributor Malcolm Nance made an outlandish statement when he claimed that the 2020 presidential election “could be the last free and fair election in American history.”

Host Joy Reid posed the question, “If the next election is intervened in, not just by Russia, but maybe by North Korea, maybe by China, maybe many other autocracies who would like to do business with Donald Trump, give us what scenario could look like… what does that look like if our elections are no longer just between Americans and other Americans?”

“This could be bad,” Nance responded (emphasis added). “I don’t say that with any measure of hyperbole. I am not joking when I say this could be the last free and fair election in American history.”

“It may not be a free and fair election,” Nance continued. “Look, even players like Iran, who have also a good cyber warfare capability, they have an initiative, an interest to make this election be filled with as much chaos as possible, if only to punish Donald Trump.”

He added, “So we should see that all sorts of foreign actors and cyber actors and human intelligence agents, as we saw Russia bring into the United States before, it is in their interest to create not just chaos, but to bring the United States to the point where its system of government, this constitutional republic no longer functions for the American people.”

Where do we even begin?


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Conspiracy Theory-Obsessed Liberals Have Lost It

The notion among liberals that Russia or any other nation could somehow rig the next election is predicated on their belief that the old Soviet Union somehow handed the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

How absurd is this? Democrats spent almost three years investigating it and guess what they came up with? NOTHING. The Robert Mueller report turned out to be a huge dud, something emphasized yet again when its namesake testified last week with disastrous results.

For MSNBC hosts or anyone else to suggest Russia somehow controls American politics – in the past, present or future – indulges a liberal conspiracy theory that has been shown to be ridiculous time and again. Serious news outlets would not keep treating such fake news as legitimate, which tells you all you need to know about the integrity of MSNBC.

If any foreign entity is controlling or attempting to rig our elections, it’s a mainstream media that is so transparently in the tank for Democrats. They will do anything and everything they can in 2020 to take down President Trump and elevate whoever becomes the Democratic nominee.

America, thankfully, still has “free and fair” elections, despite a liberal media mob that would prefer anything but.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • I'm sure there are still ways to cheat and it all depends on the integrity of those running the polling station(s). We saw all kinds of ways voting irregularities could happen in 2018 with the vote counting in heavily Democrat Broward County, FL (Ft. Lauderdale area) and to a lesser extent of West Palm Beach.

  • We have been using paper ballots for years. Poll workers have told me there are still methods to cheat, mostly involving the poll workers themselves. Have no idea whether this is true.

  • If the next election is intervened in, not just by Russia, maybe many other illegal foreigners who would like to vote for the Democrats for the free stuff.
    They will give them the election and overthrow the American votes. Electoral College would probably save our bacon.
    You can bet if the Dummycrats ever regain both Houses and Presidency, the Electoral College and 25th Amendment will be repealed and only Dummycrats will be elected.
    May as well take your passport and move to Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania or Czech Republic where Muslims and illegals are not welcome. Open up an American Colony among our Allies.

  • The only problem with this claim is that it was really the Democrats whom let Russia into this last election in hopes of Clinton beating President Trump.
    They keep spinning it like they always do... Bunch of liars, cheats, pedophiles, thieves, etc...

  • 2016 was fair and free as was 1980 and 1984. Everything in between was likely fraudulent especially with Clintorious and Homobama. Dummocraps can only win by cheating and lying.

  • If they wanna go I say GO! And good luck! Don;t worry. we won;t get into any Civil War cause I doubt anyone here would want those states to come back! It'll be a lot QUIETER without them!
    But I don;t think the conservatives would do that if a demorat would win. I think we're far more mature than them anyway!

  • He's a load of Horey! He has no idea what he's talking about, he's just scared cause he knows Trump's gonna win!

  • I have been saying that very thing forever as computers can be tampered with from other locations !

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