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Most Painful Game Show Fail Ever!


Even with all of the popular blog stories about game show blunders, Tuesday’s “Family Feud” was quite a doozy.

The Sass family, of Stockton, California, needed just 18 points to score 200 in the final round and secure $20,000. For those of you not familiar with this game show which has been on the air since 1977, that basically meant all Anna Sass had to do was utter just one semi-popular answer among the 5 poll questions that host Steve Harvey asked her to complete. A very easy task.

But the results are so cringeworthy.

Sass, when she isn’t embarrassing herself on a game show, is general manager of a PR agency. Watch to the end, as Steve Harvey looks at the studio audience with the face of a man who just witnessed a horrific tragedy. Crazy!: