More Celebrities Speak Out Against Lockdowns And ‘Tyrannical’ Government

More Celebrities Speak Out Against Lockdowns And 'Tyrannical' Government

While the Hollywood and entertainment left continues to mock conservatives who dare question the harsh lockdowns happening in many Democrat-controlled U.S. states, some celebrities are showing sympathy for those hurting financially.

And not just those hurting in the U.S.

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Clapton Sings ‘You Know They’re Gonna Grind Us Down…Until It Really Hurts’

British rock legend Eric Clapton has teamed up with Irish music legend Van Morrison to release an anti-lockdown song titled “Stand and Deliver.”

The song criticizes harsh coronavirus restrictions, including those in the UK and US.

“Do you wanna be a free man/ Or do you wanna be a slave?” Clapton sings. “Do you wanna wear these chains / Until you’re lying in the grave?”

Addressing American lockdowns specifically, Clapton sings, “Magna Carta, Bill of Rights / The constitution, what’s it worth? / You know they’re gonna grind us down / Until it really hurts.”

“Is this a sovereign nation / Or just a police state? / You better look out, people / Before it gets too late,” he adds.

Clapton said earlier this year in a statement, “We must stand up and be counted because we need to find a way out of this mess. The alternative is not worth thinking about.”

“Live music might never recover,” he added.

Van Morrison: ‘We Are Not In This Together’

Van Morrison has not hesitated to share his views on the lockdowns.

“Remember, those who are shutting down our economy haven’t missed a paycheck since lockdown began,” Morrison tweeted on Dec. 21.

“We are not in this together,” he added.

Morrison tweeted earlier that day at Northern Ireland Executive, “10 months on and the @niexecutive still hasn’t presented the science for the Northern Ireland lockdown.”

But it’s not just musicians who are fed up.

Famous Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Leaving California

Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D says she is leaving Los Angeles for rural Indiana due to “tyrannical government overreach.”

Von D announced in a Facebook post that while she has no plans to sell her Los Angeles home, the former “LA Ink” star is taking her son with her to Indiana to get away from the California state government’s heavy hand. 

“Definitely not ever selling our beautiful home in LA, but with all that’s been taking place in California, with terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more corruption, we just felt the need to plant roots in a small town where my son can be free to play, and where we can eventually retire one day,” Von D said.

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Will More Celebrities Speak Out?

Kat Von D added, “We will eventually be spending more time in beautiful Indiana once I finish doing some remodeling on our new historic house.”

It is not shocking that some of the more famous people in our midst are just as fed up with arbitrary government lockdowns as the rest of us.

Kudos to Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, and Kat Von D for speaking out.

Hopefully more celebrities, aside from a minority of conservative figures who have been vocal, will soon join them.

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