More Americans Should Be Wearing Masks – It’s Common Sense Right?

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic continues to spread, some experts have started to question official guidance about whether ordinary, healthy people should protect themselves with a regular surgical mask.

People just need to start using common sense. When you hear that a virus is spreading rapidly, start wearing your mask or something protective to prevent from catching this.

From The Beginning, We’ve Gotten Terrible Advice

If the thousands of people who were infected had worn a mask before they knew they were infected, they wouldn’t have infected as many people. Everyone should assume they are infected and wear a mask to contain their germs instead of waiting for confirmation from a test.

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The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said masks don’t necessarily protect healthy individuals from getting infected as they go about their daily lives. Then why were they made in the first place? What’s the purpose?

Just The Other Day At The Grocery Store

When I went grocery shopping the other day at my local Wegmans, I wore both a mask and nitrile gloves. I was shocked. I was one of only three people I saw wearing a mask, and I was the ONLY person wearing the medical gloves.

I am puzzled as to why MORE people aren’t taking these necessary precautions when grocery shopping. Despite ALL the alarming numbers of both the infected and the deceased- people still seem cavalier about how they go about their business in public.

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Isn’t It Just Common Sense?

Wearing a mask has to lessen the odds of catching the virus. If nothing else, they prevent a person from touching their nose and mouth. The real reason the guidance is not to wear a mask is for purely psychological purposes. They just don’t look healthy in our society; therefore, people tend to be uneasy when they see them in public.

Hong Kong is a next-door neighbor with China, and they are all wearing masks before the virus occurs, so look at the data they had very few cases. So the mask did protect the virus because we do not know who has the virus and who has not. Better safe than sorry. That what I suggest my kids wear a mask when they go out publicly.

Many Leaders Are Still Guessing About The Virus

Many of the public figures telling us not to wear masks were just guessing about this virus. Now they say wear a mask! Our guidelines not to wear a mask is strictly due to shortage. I strongly urge people to wear n95 masks if you can get them. I have one and use it outside and disinfect the outside for reuse. Maybe not 100% protection, but protection none the less.

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Remember, people wear masks because of allergies, colds, etc. I believe seniors should wear them when shopping. If you have masks at home, there is no reason they can’t be worn when going to the grocery store, etc.

We can not always stay six feet away from a person when shopping. I feel if a mask makes a person feel better when they are out and about, then wear it. We are in serious times.

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