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Top Fox News Star on Short List for Trump’s Press Secretary!

Monica Crowley

Over the last several weeks, President-elect Donald Trump has been holding high-profile meetings to help put together his cabinet. So far, Trump has made numerous appointments, but one position has yet to be filled, the all-important role of White House Press Secretary.

Initially, conservatives were touting the possibility of conservative radio host Laura Ingraham serving as press secretary, but now a new name has emerged, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley.

Crowley, who worked for President Richard Nixon, was an early vocal supporter of Donald Trump, and even warned her bosses at Fox “not to underestimate Trump when he launched his presidential bid last year.”

While Crowley is now being considered for the role, Laura Ingraham is still on the short list, but the conservative talk show host wants to have a bigger role in policymaking if she were to take a job in the White House.

From The Hill:

Ingraham recently confirmed on “Fox News Sunday” that she was under consideration for the gig.

“It’s an intriguing idea,” she said.

Trump has said he appreciated Ingraham’s loyalty throughout the campaign. Ingraham helped Trump during his campaign with debate preparation, campaigned on his behalf and offered occasional strategic advice.

Politico also highlighted how a Crowley pick would solidify Trump’s practice of rewarding early supporters with key White House roles:

If Crowley instead gets the job, it would be another example of an early Trump believer being rewarded with a White House position. On Fox News, Crowley argued during the campaign that questions about Hillary Clinton’s health were legitimate for Trump to raise, and she herself questioned Clinton’s honesty about her medical conditions after her public collapse at the 9/11 Memorial. Clinton released a doctor’s note that said she had walking pneumonia, and she recovered within days.

Ingraham and Crowley are strong conservatives who have been vocal advocates for Donald Trump since his candidacy began last year. Both would prove to be effective press secretaries, as they battle the liberal media on a daily basis.

Do you think Crowley or Ingraham would be the better pick for White House Press Secretary? Share your thoughts with us below!