Symone Sanders, a CNN political commentator and former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders was detained by police after an outburst at LaGuardia Airport.

The 28-year-old commenter was reportedly asked to step out of line for a more detailed check. According to law enforcement, she reportedly refused, making “unreasonable noise” before cursing in front of passengers and young children.

According to HotAir:

She was reportedly given a summons for disorderly conduct. What makes this story somewhat more interesting is that Sanders has a history of problems in airports. Last May she published a series of tweets describing having the police called after American Airlines officials said they felt threatened by her. Essence magazine wrote a story about the incident at the time titled “Flying While Black: American Airlines Called The Cops On Symone Sanders For Trying To Check In Luggage.”

Welcome to the modern age; where getting in trouble for causing a disruption is now a radicalized issue.

Her own tweets in the “American Airlines” incident indicate that it was her own fault she had the police called on her. Sanders makes it clear that the police weren’t called on her for trying to check her luggage, but rather because she yelled at the gate agent.

Hm – now why do you suppose those customer service officials felt threatened? Are we to ponder that it’s because they were all closeted racists (as Sanders would like us to believe), or because she was berating them? For anyone that’s seen Sanders in action over at CNN, it’s clear the latter option is infinitely more likely.

I’m going to go out on a limb an speculate that the average American has the police called on them approximately zero times at an airport during the course of their lives – so it isn’t exactly a testament to Sanders’ credibility that this has happened to her twice within one year.

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