On Tuesday night, President-elect Donald J. Trump sat down with Mitt Romney over dinner to discuss the former Republican presidential candidate’s potential role in a Trump administration.

During the dinner, reporters snapped several pictures of the dinner, which also featured incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and it looks as though Romney is visibly uncomfortable during the meeting.

The former Massachusetts governor was a vocal critic of Trump during the GOP primary, and many Trump supporters have demanded Romney issue a public apology before he should be considered for a role in the White House.

However, instead of issuing an apology, after the dinner, Romney heaped praised on the newly-elected president, even saying he was impressed with how well the transition was going.

From The Los Angeles Times:

When Romney exited the restaurant, he spoke much more positively about Trump than he had during the primary, calling it a “wonderful evening.”

“These discussions I’ve had with him have been enlightening and interesting and engaging,” he told reporters.

Romney said Trump had made good choices for his administration.

“I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen in the transition effort,” he said. “The people he’s selected as members of his Cabinet are solid, effective, capable people.”

As many people already know, Romney is on the short list to be Trump’s Secretary of State, but former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and General David Petraeus are also on the short list of the top White House position.

Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has been a vocal critic of Romney potentially serving as Secretary of State, and believes that his disloyalty should disqualify him from serving in a Trump administration.

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Do you think the image of Romney meeting with Trump was uncomfortable? Is Romney a serious contender for the position of Secretary of State, or is Trump simply doing this to embarrass Romney with no real interest in hiring him? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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